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Coastal and Harbour Defences of Sydney, Australia

Mark Battery

(Please note this page is graphics intensive)

In 1941 a number of 3 Pdr Hotchkiss guns were installed around the harbour as a defence against Motor Torpedo Boats and Submarines. They were removed in 1942 after the Twin 6 Pdr Batterys were completed.

The Mark Battery consisted of 2 concrete emplacements each containing 1 x 3 Pdr Gun, a 90cm Seachlight was postioned between the two gun emplacements. The engine room was located in one of the old 6 inch HP emplacements of the inner middle head battery


Emplacement for the No.2 Gun

This structure is built on the edge of the filled in pit for the No.2 gun of the Inner Middle Head Battery

Left Side of the No.2 Gun position

Battery Observation Post

This Structure is below and to the front of the No.2 gun position

No.1 Gun Position

This Structure is not in a very good condition and is deteriorating rapidly. At on stage in the past it has been used as a target, there are several holes in the armour plate about 20mm calibre and plenty of pockmarks on the inside of the emplacement.
The track down to this structure is an adventure to say the least and shouldnot be attempted particularly in summer due to the snakes

90cm Search Light Position